We care about our Clients and our Brand. Honeyking guarantees that we provide the highest quality products. We want to make sure you get the original ones – what you deserve and what you pay for.

A couple simple tips how to prevent yourself from buying fakes:

  1. Check the website on the back of the package. We only have one original website – www.honeyking420.com.
  2. Check your Honeyking product via Product Validator. We do verifications to ensure product quality. You can only check the product on our only website – www.honeyking420.com

‼️ If you see a following websites on Honeyking products – honeykingofficial.com or honeyking420ca.com, BE CAREFUL, these are FAKES. We are not responsible for products that have those websites on their packaging.
Fakes not only damage the Brand but also distribute poisonous low-quality products.

Be aware of what you’re vaping.